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On calls that I have with premium subscribers, I often joke that I have the most preposterous job ever. Great people, with healthy wallets, pay me, to meet other great people, with equally healthy wallets, and give my $0.02 on outlandish proposals to build the future. Most proposals will then return pennies on the dollar back on the initial investment, while a few of these proposals' founders will go down as the "Great People who Built America" (e.g. Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and Henry Ford of the 21st century. That's another bit of history I have to go read up on.)

We're at a strange time in history (as we always are?) The costs of founding a business have gone down exponentially. Need to incorporate? LegalZoom for a few hundred dollars. Need to set up a website? Squarespace/Mailchimp/and even Bubble for full SaaS apps, $12-$25/mth. Payments? Stripe with no down payment. Productivity suite like calendar, email, video call, and documents? Google Apps Standard is $6/mth. All this is to say, you could easily start a business comfortably under $1k, and if your business is just starting off, you don't even need to incorporate. Just file a 1040 misc income addendum.

Conversely, the cost of funding is a business is only starting to go down now. Up until the last half decade, to start investing in private enterprise required you to start with $1m in net worth not including your primary home. First you had the JOBS act allowing for investment up to $2X00/mth for unaccredited investors, then the lower of minimums

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