Courtyard Sihe Partners is a multicultural, multigenerational, multifamily real estate investing firm that specializes in buying and restoring old homes in historic American cities. Multifamily housing has always been the backbone of housing for the working class, and we believe we can do right by all stakeholders through diligent management, financial leverage, and long term sustainability.

A courtyard is an area outside a building that's framed and somewhat enclosed by walls. Sihe (四合), which translates literally to 'four together', is both a classical Chinese architectural style and a reference to the four winds of East, West, South, and North. By bringing together partners of all backgrounds on common ground, our mission is to increase the supply and quality of affordable housing in America while expanding investment access to one of the very best wealth building assets for regular people.

Fund 1 was for $100,000 and on track to be oversubscribed. Our first project is a 4 family in Cleveland, OH that we bought in Dec 2023. In 3 short months, we've upgraded heating systems throughout the building, installed new management, and are track to return investor capital by summer while getting ready to fundraise for Fund 2. Properties for Fund 2 are already being lined up and we anticipate raising $300,000 for the round.

The following contain links to see:

  1. Slide deck for potential investors
  2. Google Sheets financial model
  3. English language Zoom call for potential investors Dec 2023 Passcode: pK?1Tkm9
  4. Mandarin Chinese Zoom call for potential investors Mar 2024 Passcode: T9t39?bW
  5. Courtyard Sihe Partner updates

Due to our corporate structure, we are able to offer rolling funds and investments. For more information feel free to write—check size is less important than mission alignment. We look forward to hearing from you soon.