StartupHunt is a play on ProductHunt, a company founded by Ryan Hoover and backed by Y-Combinator. ProductHunt is popular among the startup community as a way to launch products to a community of enthusiastic early adopters, and was sold to AngelList for $20m in Nov 2016. Instead of products, I'm riffing off the name to identify startups that my friends and peers are floating up to me. These companies are not raising capital, but serve a useful barometer to "see what the nerds are playing with." Feedback welcome:

Volley: Asynchronous video messages for work. Sits between Zoom and Slack. Think like WeChat audio messages, except with video, and for professional.

Stir: Helping creators monetize collaboration by integrating with revenue/data analytics. By helping creators not only share audiences, but revenue, should further incentivize collabs.

Alloy Automation: Alloy (YC W20) is a no-code platform for ecommerce automation. See more at

Pricestack: Mark Cuban on cap table, e-commerce pricing platform.

Thanks to my enthusiastic startup junkies and sources Ben VC and Chris V for building my dealflow :)