Deal Abstract

A team of Indian bros from old school, 500 lb gorilla tech companies (VMWare, Microsoft, Intel, and EMC) are banding together to build an integrated SaaS tool for custom, trackable, sales websites. Combining Google Analytics, Blanket, some portions of Canva and Visible together into one smooth, streamlined tool. Backed by broke angel granddaddy Jason Calacanis. Tl;dr a no brainer in my book.

In addition, happy fourth of July weekend, everyone!


Yah bros—take my money.

Why Investing/Passing

  1. Self denigrating humor aside, this startup/product space is basically the dream. Total SaaS B2B play. I love this type of company and should clarify my thesis statement to include this type of product.
  2. Passed every single one of Calacanis of characteristics not to mention having Calacanis as an investor.
  3. I essentially made a decision before making it to the Thiel characteristics, will be curious to write notes as I continue. [Update: Yup, intuition did not change as I went through Thiel characteristics. Could be bias, or could be confirmation that fundamentals of business are strong.]

The 6 Calacanis Characteristics (91 161 18)

1. A startup that is based in SVPass. Source.
2. Has at least 2 founders Pass (2)
3. Has product in the market Pass
4. 6 months of continuous user growth or 6 months of revenue.Pass: 2019 was $325k and 2018 was $36k.
5. Notable investors?Pass: Author of Angel and these characteristics, JCal Jason Calacanis himself. Also, VMWare and Deloitte as customers.
6. Post-funding, will have 18 months of runway Pass: Raised $253k, burning $187k annually or $16k monthly, at best will have 65 months of runway at present spend.

The 7 Thiel Questions (ETMPDDS)

  1. The Engineering question:
    • Yes: Combining Blanket, Google Analytics, Google Slides, etc. all into one trackable deployable specific sales site. So straightforward yet so clearly better than cobbling those tools together.
  2. The Timing question
    • Yes: I’ve been on the buying side of a B2B high touch sales protocol multiple times, and was impressed by the explosion

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