UPDATE: Windchime was unable to raise their target minimum of $500k on SeedInvest, so the investment is canceled. Such a shame, I think this company would have done well.

It’s the Airbnb of dentist appointments—when patients cancel their appointments short-notice, Windchime helps to fill that in by providing a discount to someone else to fill it. Would be a win-win for all parties, except insurance companies (in a certain perspective.) Clients get wider access to dentists, rewards for showing up, and cheaper prices. Doctor salvage value from sudden cancellations while also increasing volume of patients and lead generation for new clients. Not to mention, dentists don’t have much bandwidth to run a digital marketing agency (Facebook Ads? Google Ads?) and can eliminate a huge secretary hire through smart self-serve booking software (Calendly.com.)

All this leads to more “activity” in dentistry: clients with more regular and preventative care, doctors with more business, only insurance companies lose with patients who can use their insurance more easily. That being said, dental insurance companies are price setters and can easily increase the price if usage meaningfully goes up, implying Windchime has become an industry influencer. First dentistry, then physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, and other “nice-to-have” health professionals.



Minimum: $200 Crowd Note, Aug 2018



Why investing?

  1. This is fundamentally a excess-capacity marketplace play, just like Airbnb, Uber, and even virtualization. In addition, I know this problem exists as I watched my dentists through the years switch office space, hire a secretary/scheduler, and move more into old age. I myself hate calling to make appointments and would love a Calend.ly solution to this problem. Then it could sync to my google Calendar just like everything else in my life. I’m a young professional, and as a member of that market, see the switch to this being inevitable. In fact, I’m not even sure why scheduling an annual check up with my physician isn’t like this. Coordination costs

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